Applicants to Astra School must satisfy the following 4 steps:

Step 1: Submission 

Complete the application form and pay your application fee at submission. 

Step 2: Paperwork 

We will ask to see supporting documents for both you as applicant, and your child.

Saudi Students

    1. vaccination cards.
    2. birth certificate.
    3. four 4×6 ID pictures.
    4. copy of family ID.
    5. copy of student’s passport.

Non-Saudi students

    1. four 4×6 ID pictures.
    2. copy of student’s passport.
    3. copy of student’s iqama.
    4. copy of parent’s iqama.
    5. copy of parent’s passport.
    6. medical certificate.
    7. vaccination card.
    8. Birth certificate.

Step 3: Entry assessment 

Once your papers are submitted you will be contacted by school’s administration to schedule your child’s assessment.

We will ask your child to take an assessment test in English and/or Mathematics, in support of the application. 

Step 4: Decision 

 Once the application process is complete, we will let you know about our decision to accept your application, decline it, or to place your child’s name in our waiting pool. 

You can apply here or in person at the admission office.

We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race or ethnic origin in our admissions or in any school programs.