School Hours and Responsibilities

Good attendance and being on time are essential if students are to take full advantage of school and gain the proper skills which will equip them for life. 

 Excellent attendance is a key factor in high achievement.  
Being on time is also important. When children are late for school, they not only miss valuable learning time but also disrupt their classmates who are already settled.  

For different but equally important reasons your child should be collected on time. Waiting and not knowing why parents are late can cause anxiety for children, especially when they see that every member of the class has been collected and they have all gone home.  Whilst we recognize that some parents and carers may occasionally fail to collect children on time owing to unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately this has become an ongoing issue for some.  

Therefore, parents and carers repeatedly late collecting their children will be charged a late fee in accordance with the school policy, which can be viewed on the school website.  

The school timing for the new academic year will be updated soon, according to the ministry regulations.