Newsletter 18th of May

Astra International School


18th of May

Dear parents,

As we are approaching the end of school year, our school is getting close to complete some important developments.

You will see from our newsletter, our website, and our materials, that Astra International School has a fresh approach.

 Next year we will share more updates on how your children are going to continue to grow through Astra International School!

Website updates

We are excited to announce that the launching date of our new website is coming soon.

Over the past couple of months, we worked hard to develop the new website.  The content is updated to answer your questions and it provides easier access to relevant information for you.

KG1 program

A big shout out to our KG1 teacher and teacher assistant for all the hard work they do every day for our students.

We are proud to see them counting to 10, learning letters, shapes, colors all through playing and art activities.

Here is the proof of a wonderful day in KG1:  

Upcoming Dates

May 21-25 – Admissions

May 28-29 – Holiday

June 4- 8 – Final exams for KG

June 4-8 – Final exams for Grade 1/2

June 11- Graduation party for KG3 and KG3 ext.

June 12- Graduation party for Grades

June 14-21- Final exams for Grade 3 up to 7

June 25 – Beginning of summer vacation

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Ms. Mona Ohed

Head of School

Highlights of the week!

 Ms. Esraa Hussein and Ms. Esraa Mbideen presenting a model lesson for KG3.

We appreciate all the effort and dedication.

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