Newsletter 25th of May

Astra International School


25th of May

Dear parents,

The final month of school that we are about to step in will bring a lot of activities for everyone. Students will have the final exams, graduation celebration and much more.

We are looking forward to a strong finish!


Training day

Teachers from Astra International School participated this week in a training on “Developing basic reading comprehension in Elementary” offered by Mr. Eli Ghazern (Educator, Author, Speaker) who has been creating and developing trainings in the education sectors in the Gulf, Middle East, UK, and USA for nearly 10 years.

Teachers learned new strategies in teaching and developing reading skill in classroom and are excited to bring this new information in the class.

Graduation celebration

As KG3 and KG3 EXT approach their graduation celebration, teachers invested many hours of practice longing to offer you a day to remember.

In the anticipation of the day, Ms. Esraa H. has prepared some fun activities for the students.

Upcoming Dates

May 28-29 – Holiday

June 4- 8 – Final exams for KG

June 4-8 – Final exams for Grade 1/2

June 11- Graduation party for KG3 and KG3 ext.

June 12- Graduation party for Grades

June 14-21- Final exams for Grade 3 up to 7

June 25 – Beginning of summer vacation

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Ms. Mona Ohed

Head of School


Highlights of the week!


We want to congratulate our students Zainab Ismail Muhammad and Rahaf Mubarak AL-Moatasem for obtaining the first place in the free writing competition and Hala Maher Abdullah for the results obtained in the Science competition for International School (girls) organized among the International and Foreign Schools Department in Tabuk.

We wish you best of luck in all your plans!


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